30 for 30: Day 17


Today’s rather boring 3F3 is of the shelves I built in my garage. Though they don’t look like much, I’m really proud of them, not only for their construction, but for having the guts to put holes in my walls. I remember…

The year is 2015. I’m 35 years old.

I grew up in a military family, and as a result, moved every 4-5 years. In civilian terms, that’s like living in an apartment your entire life. Your home is not yours, so don’t get it dirty, or paint it, or god forbid, put any holes in the wall. In college, I lived in the dorms, then an apartment. For the first 27 years of my life, I didn’t have what I would call my own home.

Now, this all sounds pretty dramatic, but I assure you, it’s stupid.

When I bought my first house, I didn’t want to put a single hole in the wall. I really wanted to mount a TV on the wall like I saw in the movies, but I was too scared. I sold that house without making any major modifications and that saddens me because oh my god is it fun making modifications.

The shelves in the photo are called cantilever shelves and they are strong enough to hang from. They were the first stop on the road to building a whole bunch of crazy stuff in the house. I bought tools. I built rolling carts and drop-down workbenches for those tools.

I was in heaven.

There’s something about woodworking that I just love, and when I get old and too senile to write anymore, I think you’ll find me in the garage quietly whittling a stick into a slightly smaller stick.

I can’t wait.

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Daniel Verastiqui is a science fiction author from Austin, Texas. His novels explore relationships and identity in the context of ubiquitous technology, pervasive violence, and frequent nudity. His next book, Brigham Plaza, is planned for a Summer 2020 release. He recommends you start getting excited about the new book now.

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