30 for 30: Day 1


Welcome to 30 for 30, a photo-a-day series in which I reminisce and cringe at the pivotal moments of my thirties as I go gently and quietly into the dying light of my 40th birthday. Today’s rather boring entry is just a photo of some whey protein and a shake, but even just looking at it, my lips recall the chalky, vaguely chocolatey taste. I remember…

I remember exactly where I was sitting when I realized I had gotten fat. The year was 2009. The place was the couch. The thing in my hand was a pint of ice cream. I decided then and there that I didn’t want to be fat anymore, and I was going to do something about it, right after I finished the ice cream.

By the time 2010 started, I was halfway through my first round of P90X and doing my best to follow the dietary guidelines. Over those many months, I learned some hard truths about life:

  • Healthy food doesn’t taste good
  • Eating food that tastes good will kill you
  • You’ll never be happy again

Tony Horton had some pretty strict rules about what I could and couldn’t eat, so every morning I would find myself eating eggs and legumes. Or spinach and egg. Or legumes and more legumes. My only vice in those days were these sugar-enriched whey protein shakes.

They were my oasis in a desert full of crap food. And, as the ultimate irony, they were crap themselves.

I hated eating healthy.

I would go so far as to say I was traumatized by it. Here I was, thirty years old, and already my life was over. I saw a future of healthy eating stretch out ahead of me, and because I was eating healthy, I was probably going to live longer, which only depressed me more.

The suffering was absolute.

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Daniel Verastiqui is a Science Fiction author from Austin, Texas. His novels explore relationships and identity in the context of ubiquitous technology, pervasive violence, and frequent nudity. His most recent book, Brigham Plaza, is now available in print and digital formats on Amazon.

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