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I wouldn’t be known the world over as a master of the dystopian cyber-thriller novel if it weren’t for the support of my friends. Every click, like, comment, and share they make on my spammy social media posts directly translates to sales, success, and self-esteem. They do so much for me, and I feel like I could be doing a better job of promoting their Side (and Main) Hustles in return.

In that vein, here are the home-grown businesses you should be supporting because these are all great people and they deserve your love and affection. And who knows, you could even score some free goodies just by mentioning my name.

Presented in alphabetical order to avoid favoritism because honestly how would I choose between all these awesome people?

Adrian & Charlene @ Evolution Fitness Coaching, San Diego, California

THE HUSTLE: Adrian and Charlene love working out. It’s like, their thing. I wish I could open a business doing my thing, but no one wants to pay $100 a month to watch me eat pizza rolls. Aside from their fitness knowledge, these are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Drop in the next time you’re in California!

MENTION MY NAME and get a free butt-blaster workout and a detailed description of how cupping therapy works.

FIND THEM AT facebook.com/evolutionfitnesscoaching

Amy @ ALV Art Studio, Pflugerville, Texas

Facebook: alvartstudio Instagram: alvartstudio

THE HUSTLE: Amy makes fluid art. Sometimes I see her in her garage with a gas mask on, vaporwave music blaring, and all sorts of paint dripping down her smock. She makes some of the coolest art I’ve seen, and I even have some hanging on my walls in my home office.

MENTION MY NAME and get a mini-poster painted in all black, a piece she calls Daniel’s Soul. I don’t know who this Daniel character is, but I don’t want to meet him or his soul.

FIND HER AT facebook.com/alvartstudio

Amanda @ MGS Arts, Austin, Texas

THE HUSTLE: Amanda mixes leather and lasers to create some of the coolest custom gifts around. She is my go-to whenever I need something engraved, or when I absolutely positively have to have an ornament with the word boobies burned into it. She is super friendly and fun to work with.

MENTION MY NAME and get a free coaster engraved with the phrase Daniel is the only man for me or I’ll never love another man like I loved Daniel. Your choice.

FIND HER AT facebook.com/MGSarts.tx

Charles @ Jupiter Kickboxing, Dallas, Texas

I typically have a no-nipple policy on my blog, but for Charles, I’ll always make an exception.

THE HUSTLE: Charles loves to take off his shirt, so he opened a kickboxing gym that would allow him to be shirtless pretty much the entire day. Despite how freaking deadly he is, Charles is a super nice guy. Look up nice guy in the dictionary and you’ll find the shirtless picture of him I taped there. Guaranteed.

MENTION MY NAME for a free close-up view of Charles’ fist! And a hug*. (*YMMV)

FIND HIM AT facebook.com/JupiterKickboxing

Forrest & Sarah @ Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do, Austin, Texas

THE HUSTLE: Forrest and Sarah run Fighting Fit, which encompasses kickboxing, martial arts, and even yoga. They’re a lot like Adrian and Charlene, except they prefer to hurt people while they get fit. No, that’s not true. That was a make-em-up. They’re great people to work out with, get to know, fall in love with, and ultimately lose to Sarah.

MENTION MY NAME and get a free Jeet Kune Do class and access to the gym bathroom and water cooler!

FIND THEM AT facebook.com/fightingfitbootcampaustin

Hsin-Ju @ Photo Gusto, Austin, Texas

THE HUSTLE: Hsin-Ju runs a photography studio that focuses on headshots and boudoir spreads (depending on how well she knows you). When Matador was born, HJ came to the hospital and stayed with us throughout the entire process, and then continued to photograph him throughout his first year. She is really good at what she does and fun to work with.

MENTION MY NAME and get one professionally edited photo of you reading one of my books. You can then use the photo of you reading my book as your official profile pic on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

FIND HER AT facebook.com/photogustoATX

Stephanie @ Make it Chic Boutique, Houston, Texas

THE HUSTLE: Stephanie makes the kind of custom gear you need in your life. In a perfect world, everything I own or wear would have the name Verastiqui on it, and when I finally get enough money to make that happen, I’m going to Stephanie. She has so much great custom apparel for babies and toddlers that I’m considering having another child.

MENTION MY NAME and get an XXL t-shirt that reads I mentioned Daniel’s name and all I got was this t-shirt and I’m not really sure to be happy or angry or what. Yeah, it’s a long sentence; that’s why it’s an XXL.

FIND HER AT facebook.com/pg/makeitchicboutique

Wade @ Funk Realty, Austin, Texas

THE HUSTLE: Wade sells real estate. He just started doing it. Like, one day, he saw an empty building, saw a guy standing next to it, and asked, “Hey, man, you wanna buy this?” And thus the Funk Group was born. It’s a real American Success Story. You should consider him for your next real estate endeavor because this guy really knows his Science Fiction.

MENTION MY NAME and get a copy of a key to a random house in Cedar Park, Texas. You have to figure out which door it goes to on your own, but if you find it, the house is yours!

FIND HIM AT facebook.com/funkgroup

Even if you aren’t in the market for a new office space or fitness or dope-ass gifts, go spread some Like and Share love to my friends.


Did I miss your business? Are we BFFs forever? Let me know so I can add it!

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