Cipher Dens

Cipher Dens

From Xronixle

Cipher dens sprang up in the large office buildings, taking advantage of the networking infrastructure already built in. They usually operated in teams of five or six, spending all of their time locked together in a converted meeting room, jacked in and coding nonstop, their minds intertwined, processing at unthinkable speeds in a drug-induced haze. They lived their entire lives digitally, never jacking out or opening their eyes. They were ghosts, non-entities, atrophying bodies strapped to a chair, never to rise again.

Each den had a director, often called a suit, the man or woman who controlled the den’s daily activities and long-term projects. They were the ones that made the deals. They were the ones that played nurse to their test-tube children. Backing these suits was another army of enforcers, protectors of the building and its occupants. They went where the ciphers’ digital reach could not penetrate, delivering a physical message when an electronic slap on the wrist wasn’t enough.

Known Cipher Dens

This is a list of the known cipher dens in the Vinestead Universe and their recognized suits.

  • BayTrans
  • Calle Cinco (Kaili Zabora)
  • FireChain
  • I.C.E-1 (Megan “Tanzy” Riley)
  • ZabSix (Anela Zabora)

Photo by Daniel Monteiro on Unsplash

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