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From the day El Matador was born, Dom and I disagreed about how much routine he actually needed. Did he always have to get up at the same time? Did the naps have to be so rigidly scheduled? 19 months later, I can definitively say, yes. Yes to all of it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be home when Matador wakes up, and lately our routine has been like this:

  1. At 7am, I go into his room and sit down in the rocker, leaving the door slightly ajar. He’s usually still asleep.
  2. At 7:02, I turn off the noise machine. That usually gets him stirring.
  3. At 7:05, I start ramping up the lights.
  4. He gets 10 minutes of playtime in the crib, which he seems to love for some reason.
  5. At 7:15, we get up, change a diaper, and I set him loose on the world.
  6. He runs to the piano bench where we put his milk every morning, and puts down Big Horton, Lamb-Lamb, and Bobby Bear.
  7. Matador then proceeds to walk around the house drinking his milk, collecting toys as necessary.
  8. At 7:30, he eats breakfast.

We run this playbook every morning regardless of how much he sleeps or if he wakes up early, and we can tell Matador knows what to expect. He is starting to anticipate 7:30 and will go to his high chair early. We’re well into the phase of “we didn’t think he was paying attention but he gets it.”

He’s such a great kid. I don’t praise Uplogix’ family-friendly work environment enough for letting me spend my mornings with my son, but they get it.

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