Bring Home the Beef

Shopping for a graphics card isn’t all that hard. Step 1: wait for a new version of Far Cry to come out. Step 2: Go to Amazon and buy the best card you can get for $350. Step 3: Turn up your graphics settings from Med to *gasp* High! And that’s it. Now you’ve spent $350 and can enjoy moderately better graphics! What a time to be alive….

This time around, we’re upgrading from an EVGA GTX 970 to an MSI RTX 2060. There isn’t much physical difference between the two: the RTX takes a different power input and it lacks DVI output, but otherwise it was a straight swap. After reinstalling the driver and changing some settings, Far Cry 5 was ready to rock.

As far as quality goes, there isn’t anything shocking about the improvement. It’s solid all the way around with all settings pegged on high. It feels “natural.” It’s the way games should be.

Anyway, this is what’s making me happy today.

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