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I’ve been a big fan of Moo.com for a long time, and I’ve dutifully designed and distributed business cards for each of my books’ releases. While this has worked well for years, lately I’ve been dissatisfied with ordering all these cards and barely handing out half. Instead, I’d rather have something that transcends each release, something I can use until they run out. To that end, I sat down and asked myself what do potential readers really need from me?

As it happens, my last name is difficult to spell and even harder to pronounce. The silver living, however, is that it is unique. There are no other Verastiquis selling books on Amazon. And if you google my last name, you’ll find me straight away. Therefore, I realized that all I really needed to give people was my last name.

Moo.com has a lot of options for business cards, but they also have these half-size cards that you can put a little bit of text on. I chose to put my name in big caps on one side and some contact information on the other. This makes the cards small enough to fit in my minimal wallet, which is a huge bonus.

(They also have a lot of ready-made designs for you to choose from, all of which are pretty eye-catching.)

I can now carry three of these cards with me everywhere, and the next time I strike up a conversation about my books, I can just hand them this little tab and say look me up on Amazon or the World Wide Web.

I realize people have been using business cards forever and that nothing in this post is news to you, but I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have a provide an easy take-away for a potential reader. There is nothing worse than getting them interested but giving them no way to follow up.

We shall have no more of that!

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Daniel Verastiqui is a serious author who writes serious novels in a serious manner. Serious topics include interpersonal relationships, exploitative technology, and questionable nudity.

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