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Month: January 2017

An Allegory for Obsession

Fifteen years ago, I developed a minor obsession with the woman pictured above, Luba Shumeyko. It was no big deal. I thought she was gorgeous, and though she hadn’t starred in any Hollywood talkies, I admired her the way I admired Natalie Portman, Milla Jovovich, and Alyssa Milano. The main difference between Luba and the actresses is that Luba’s eventual husband, Petter Hegre, was launching a website dedicated to high-quality erotica, so naked photo shoots of Luba were showing up online every few weeks.

If you’d like to check out of this blog post, now would be the time to do it. It’s gonna get a little weird.

An Allegory for Anxiety

In the opening chapter of Por Vida, a survivor of the MX Invasion blows the head off a synthetic killing machine with a high-powered rifle. Later, a character uses virtual reality to plan an incursion into a heavily fortified office building. Technological wonders pervade the novel, but they are merely a smokescreen for the real issues hiding underneath.

Recent Reviews

An Engrossing Story. As always Verastiqui spins an exciting tale that is hard to put down at times. While full of the twisted cyber/synthetic sexual pathos we have come to expect from Verastiqui this tale has some really surprising plot twist. Having read all his books I find this to be his most mature to date, wrestling with anxiety, obsession, why we love and as always what it means to have humanity or be human. If you are new to Verastiqui I suggest reading Perion Synthetics prior to reading this.

Eric Weiss – Por Vida

Great extrapolation of today’s media and Artificial Intelligence. Reminiscent of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson. Great extrapolation of today’s media and Artificial intelligence. I think this guy is a great new talent and look forward to reading more of his work. Highly recommend.

S.A. McInnis – Perion Synthetics
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