(1960 - 1990)

Perion Synthetics is founded by James Perion in 1966. Notable births in include Anela Zabora (1977), Gordon King (1979), X (1980), and Kaili Zabora (1983).


The Early 90s

In 1991, Katsumi Enterprises debuts the "sliver," a small piece of metal with an LED readout that can be embedded in a user's wrist. The sliver functions as a watch, instant messenger, and news aggregator. In virtual reality, a sliver can be used as a programming device.

Later that year, XFX debuts a fully immersive virtual reality known simply as "the Net." Initially deployed to universities and military networks, the Net becomes a ubiquitous consumer product within four years.

An ambitious Anela Zabora leaves her home in San Diego to move to Austin, Texas, where she founds the ZabSix Cipher Den.

To capitalize on the adoption of the Net, Black Star Circle launches the iMerse Dot0 immersion rig in early 1993. Similar products are launched in the following years, most notably by VitraC (a subsidiary of Vitra Computer Systems) and the Germany-based Koertig Electronics.


The Mid-90s

In 1995, Arthur Sedivy is appointed the CEO of Vinestead International and begins to steer the worldwide conglomerate in a new direction. Vinestead acquires 67 companies who do business primarily in the Net, including Accent Ascension

Vinestead engineer Kenneth Barnes develops the first prototype of the Guardian Angel biochip, a multi-function, miniaturized computer that is placed directly on the user's brain stem and helps monitor and control biological processes. An internal beta test of the Guardian Angel biochip (also referred to as a GA chip or Georgia chip) begins in 1997, culminating in the general release in early 1998.

Prior to his death, Kenneth invents the House of Nepenthe, a self-constained construct that allows dying or comatose users to communicate with the outside world via VNet. The project is buried by Vinestead International.