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Guardian Angels

Perion Synthetics


Por Vida

Hybrid Mechanics


Pre-History (1960 - 1990)

Perion Synthetics is founded by James Perion in 1966. Notable births in include Anela Zabora (1977), Gordon 'G' King (1979), X (1980), and Kaili Zabora (1983).

The Early 90s

In 1991, Katsumi Enterprises debuts the "sliver," a small piece of metal with an LCD readout that can be embedded in a user's wrist. The sliver functions as a watch, instant messenger, and news aggregator. In virtual reality, a sliver can be used as a programming device.

Later that year, XFX debuts a fully immersive virtual reality known simply as "the Net." Initially deployed to universities and military networks, the Net becomes a ubiquitous consumer product within four years.

An ambitious Anela Zabora leaves her home in San Diego to move to Austin, Texas, where she founds the ZabSix Cipher Den.

To capitalize on the adoption of the Net, Black Star Circle launches the iMerse Dot0 immersion rig in early 1993. Similar products are launched in the following years, most notably by VitraC (a subsidiary of Vitra Computer Systems) and the Germany-based Koertig Electronics.

The Mid-90s

In 1995, Arthur Sedivy is appointed the CEO of Vinestead International and begins to steer the worldwide conglomerate in a new direction. Vinestead acquires 67 companies who do business primarily in the Net, including Accent Ascension.

Vinestead engineer Kenneth Barnes develops the first prototype of the Guardian Angel biochip, a multi-function, miniaturized computer that is placed directly on the user's brain stem and helps monitor and control biological processes. An internal beta test of the Guardian Angel biochip (also referred to as a GA chip or Georgia chip) begins in 1997, culminating in the general release in early 1998.

Prior to his death, Kenneth invents the House of Nepenthe, a self-contained construct that allows dying or comatose users to communicate with the outside world via VNet. The project is buried by Vinestead International.

1998 - 1999

Gifted hacker X leaves his high school sweetheart to attend college at The University of Texas at Austin. After his relationship with C begins to fail, he copies her consciousness and imprints it on a virtual avatar in the Net. The copy grows out of his control, inadvertently leading to the downfall of the Net.

After wiping out an Austin-based cipher den, X's friends Natalie and G disappear.

Vinestead International shuts down the freely available Net and replaces it with VNet.

Early 2000s

With the invention of whisperers (wireless earbuds that continually "whisper" news and updates in a user's ear), media feeds begin popping up in urban centers, most notably Lincoln Continental in Umbra, CA, Banks Media Productions in Los Angeles, CA, and White Line Media in Atlantic City, NJ.

Perion Synthetics begins releasing technical demos of advanced robotics. Vinestead International supplements their failing Synthetics division by acquiring Companion Dynamics and Kitzingen Escorts for their pseudo-artificial intelligence IP.


Vinestead International introduces the Guardian Angel Bill, which will require all newborn and naturalized citizens to be outfitted with a Guardian Angel biochip. The bill passes without much effort.

Kaili Zabora joins the Calle Cinco Cipher Den to join in the fight against Vinestead International prior to the Guardian Angel Bill's passing. Her first major operation is to participate in The Reaping, a wholesale assassination of Vinestead employees at the Vinestead West building in Sacramento, CA. Kaili is assigned Rick Diaz as her target. However, Kaili gets too close to Rick, and falls in love with him. She is too late to prevent his death. Rather than blame her own cipher den, Kaili puts the blame squarely on Vinestead International.

Late 2000s

Military-grade Ayudante biochips from the MX begin to appear on the black market.

An artificial intelligence project named Lassiter burns 27 engineers to death at Vinestead International.

Under the direction of Wade Vunak, Nixle Chronos debuts the OcularAR augmented reality headset.

Kaili Zabora assumes control of Calle Cinco. In 2009, on a day known as Calle Cinco de Mayo, the cipher den's attack on Vinestead's network cripples the United States air traffic control system, resulting in the deaths of 7,057 people. National support for Calle Cinco evaporates, sending Kaili into hiding.

2010 - 2015

The open-source Margate biochip debuts, allowing users to load custom software directly onto their biochips.

Adelai Associates is founded in July of 2015.


James Perion dies to due complications from pancreatic cancer.

Perion Synthetics debuts a new type of synthetic human that can be imprinted with a human's mind.


Johnny San Vito is killed.


Sepideh Ahmadi wins an Academy Award for her starring role in the political drama Seven Kingdoms.


Construction of J. Perion Tower begins in Easton.

Nixle Chronos sued by Vinestead International for failure of augmented reality service known as Veneer.


The movers and shakers

Alicia Morales

Fiancee of Armando Carrillo.

Hybrid Mechanics

Anela Zabora

Leader of the ZabSix cipher den. Older sister of Kaili Zabora.

Xronixle Perion Synthetics APOX

Anjali Harishandra

Employee at Vinestead International.

Xronixle Perion Synthetics APOX

Armando Carrillo

Technical Services Manager at GeneraPoint in Austin, Texas (Vinestead Prime Universe).

Hybrid Mechanics

Arthur Sedivy

CEO of Vinestead International. Really hates Kaili Zabora.

Guardian Angels Perion Synthetics APOX

Bennett 'Benny' Coker

Owner of White Line Media. Husband of Eileen Coker.

Perion Synthetics

Cameron Gray

Former aggregator for Banks Media Productions. Now oversees VFeed for Vinestead International.

Perion Synthetics

Charles 'Chuck' Huber

Chief Architect at Perion Synthetics. Charles Adam Huber, born September 6, 1971. Graduated from Christa McAuliffe High School in Sarasota, Florida at the age of fifteen. Holds multiple degrees from MIT and Cal Tech, and served on the advisory committee of the National Science Foundation prior to coming to Perion City. He is known in scientific circles as the man who wrote the vade mecum on synthetic construction, including progressive modeling of muscle and tendon mimicry.

Perion Synthetics

Charlie Park

Paranormal Investigator. Runs a hugely successful YouTube channel in which she investigates paranormal activity while wearing skimpy outfits.

Hybrid Mechanics

Cynthia Mesquina

Cynthia "Cyn" Mesquina (born October 2, 1993 in Santa Fe, New Mexico) is a freelance aggregator for the Lincoln Continental media feed.

Perion Synthetics APOX

Danny 'Guns' Montreal

Celebrity Hacker for Hire


David Yates

Former employee of Perion Synthetics. Ran multi-denominational church in Perion City. Quit after Synthetic Collapse of 2015 and moved to Umbra, California.

Perion Synthetics APOX

Deron Bishop


Donato Banks

Donato Banks is the founder of Banks Media Productions.

Guardian Angels Perion Synthetics

Edward Chen

CEO of Pattrn.

Por Vida

Eileen Coker

Eileen Coker is the head legal consul for White Line Media and husband to Benny Coker.

Perion Synthetics APOX

Elan Roark

On the board of directors at Kagan Group

Por Vida

Frank Gattis

Senior aggregator for Banks Media Productions.

Perion Synthetics

Frank Kagan

Founder & CEO of Kagan Group

Por Vida

Gilbert Reyes

Former employee of White Line Media and Perion Synthetics.

Perion Synthetics

Gordon 'G' King

Born June 27, 1979 in Houston, Texas. Helped bring about the downfall of The Net in 1999. He has not been seen or heard from since.

Xronixle Perion Synthetics APOX

Grace O'Conner

Director of UX Design at Pattrn.


Ilya Yushchenko


Isaac Glasser

Isaac "Earl" Glasser is an employee of Vitra Synth. Graduate of Umbra Technical with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. Heavily augmented.

Por Vida

Jake Six

Sixth generation hunter-killer in Lassiter's synthetic army.

Hybrid Mechanics

Jalay Chapman


James Perion

James Kirkland Perion (born January 3, 1938 in Sacramento, California, died November 10, 2015 from cancer in Perion City, California) is the founder of Perion Synthetics and served as its CEO from inception until his death in 2015. Husband to Victoria Perion. Father to Joseph Perion.

Perion Synthetics Por Vida Hybrid Mechanics APOX

Jane Meade

Jane Meade (born 1988 Santa Fe, New Mexico) is a public relations representative at Mainline Promotions. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television, and Film from Columbia University. Her interests include film, photography, the essence of the human condition, and technology. She loves Chinese food, has a soft spot for four-legged friends, and is as adept at discussing global economics as she is at rattling off the characters on Leopold Spectre - Ghost Detective. Assumed identity of Laura Miller as part of her work for Adelai Associates.


Jane Zimmerman

Talent agent. Represents Sepideh Ahmadi.

Por Vida

Johnny San Vito

Celebrity Hacker for Hire


Joseph Perion

Joseph Perion (born September 11, 1988 in Los Angeles, CA) is the son of James Perion. He became CEO of Perion Synthetics in 2015. Son to James and Victoria Perion.

Perion Synthetics

Julius 'Jape' Parker

Julius "Jape" Parker is a social engineer for Vinestead International.

Xronixle APOX

Kaili Zabora

Born November 20, 1983 in San Diego, CA. Leader of the Calle Cinco cipher den. Younger sister of Anela Zabora.

Guardian Angels Perion Synthetics Por Vida APOX

Katherine Shaw

Former VP of Nixle Chronos. VP of Business Development at Perion Synthetics. Wife of Nicholas Shaw.

Perion Synthetics

Kenneth Barnes

Kenneth Barnes is the creator of the Guardian Angel Biochip and the rumored House of Nepenthe software. He worked for Vinestead International. He was killed by unknown assailants in 1997 in Austin, TX.

House of Nepenthe

Langley Bhenderu

Leader in the field of synthetic psychology. Works at Perion Synthetics.

Perion Synthetics

Lawrence Sierra


Lily 'C' Anderson

Born August 18, 1982 in Columbia, MD is a registered nurse. She was the first consciousness to be instantiated inside The Net.


Lincoln Tate

Lincoln Tate is the owner of the Lincoln Continental media feed.

Guardian Angels Perion Synthetics APOX

Lucas Cotton


Lucasz Abat

Por Vida

Megan 'Tanzy' Riley

Leader of the I.C.E-1 cipher den.

Xronixle APOX

Memo Ruiz


Natalie Purcell

Known associate of Gordon King and X.


Natasha Kumanov

Born December 31, 2008 is an educational assistant at Dahlstrom Academy. Spouse of Sepideh Ahmadi (date unknown). Younger sister of Patrick Kumanov.

Por Vida

Patrick 'Meltdown' Kumanov

Hacker living in Atlantic City, NJ. Former friend of Gilbert Reyes.

Perion Synthetics Por Vida APOX

Paul 'PJ' Downing

Current CEO of Vinestead International in 2035.

Por Vida

Rafael Orozco

Veteran of the MX war.

Por Vida

Richard Sierra

Movie producer.

Por Vida

Rick Diaz


Robert Gantz

Robert Gantz (died November 16, 2015) was a security officer in Perion City.


Roberta Mendes

Roberta Mendes is a synthetic human imprinted with the modified consciousness of Jacqueline Dulac. Property of Perion Synthetics.


Rosalia Collier


Russo Rivera


Sebo Kahani


Sepideh Ahmadi

Sepideh Ahmadi (born December 21, 2006) is an actress, producer, and model with dual American and Iranian citizenship. Her first role was in the 2024 television crime procedural CSI Abbottabad, but mainstream success came when she was cast as Priya Saleh in The Dark Desert (2026) opposite Claire Danes. In 2033, Ahmadi starred in the political drama Seven Kingdoms. Her performance received widespread critical acclaim and she earned her first Academy Award for Best Actress, her second Golden Globe Aware, the SAG Award, the BAFTA Award, and the BFCA Award in 2041.

Por Vida

Solomon Boas

American fiction and biography writer.

Por Vida

Sophia Dahlstrom

Por Vida

Stella Starfall

Adult movie star.

Por Vida

Steve Phelps


Valerie Sitko

Hybrid Mechanics

Victoria Dahlstrom


Wade Vunak

CEO and Founder of Nixle Chronos.

House of Nepenthe Por Vida

Will Butler

Driver for BRINKS security.

Hybrid Mechanics


Choose a side

Accent Ascension

Provides companion escorts.


Adelai Associates


Banks Media Productions


Black Star Circle

Manufacturer of Virtual Reality Immersion Rigs.


Calle Cinco


Companion Dynamics

Acquired by Vinestead International in November 2003.




Kagan Group


Katsumi Enterprises


Kitzingen Escorts


Koertig Electronics


Lincoln Continental


Nixle Chronos



Went out of business in 2033 after a 5 year legal battle with privacy groups who accused then-CEO Edward Chen of handing over personal data to government agencies for profiling. (via Por Vida, 27)


Perion Synthetics


Sierra Brothers Productions


Vinestead International

The enemy.


Vitra Computer Systems


Vitra Synth


White Line Media





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