Hi. I'm Daniel. I write Science Fiction.

My novels focus on interpersonal relationships and identity in the larger context of unconstrained technology, oppressive society, and gratuitous nudity. Also explosions. My writing is inspired by an undying obsession with computers and technology, a desire to communicate emotion with words the way Beethoven did with music, and my professional work at Austin-based Uplogix, Inc.

All of my books take place in the Vinestead Universe, which is an alternate reality running parallel to ours but with better technology. The latest entry, Por Vida, examines questions about the nature of synthetic existence introduced in Perion Synthetics. What changes when we lose all biological feedback and impulse? Who do we become if our memories are stolen away?

Drop me a note if you have any questions, concerns, or flat-out objections to anything you read in my stories. Though, please note that I'm a very busy man, so it make take up to 30 minutes for me to respond to your email.